Category 5


Public surfing lessons for adults are for adults aged from 18 to 80+ years of age. We provide a safe, friendly environment for adults to gain the confidence and water skills they will require to be confident to surf by themselves. Even if you are a weak swimmer or afraid of the water, we can help you reach your goals and overcome your fears! Our instructors can teach you how to understand the ocean and start enjoying the water. We can take you through the basics step by step so you know what you’re in for without any surprises.


Kitesurfing is a fun sport for the whole family. Why not get the kids involved and share the experience together! Kite gear is very light and easy to handle: transportation and setup doesn't require much man-power. We have the best experience with training kids starting from 10 years old. If your younger child really wishes to learn kitesurfing, we can try to make exceptions with safety in mind.

Private lessons

One to one lessons are the fastest ways to learn. If you would like to fast-track your progression, private tuition is the way to go. We progress you through as quickly as possible whilst making you comfortable with all of the information and equipment, so we teach you from the basics and take it right up to getting you kiteboarding upwind comfortably!. After a couple of private kitesurf lessons we can guarantee a result!