Surfikoht: Roosta, Läänemaa

Lähim linn: Haapsalu

Juhised: Roosta asub Lääne-Eestis, Tallinnast 100 km Haapsalu poole.

Koha tüüp: rand

Kallas: pehme liiv

Põhi: liivane

Ohud: täiesti ohutu

Rajatised: kämping, WC, dušš

Ranna reeglid: Sa pead endast lohesurfi ja purjelauakeskuses teada andma, kui soovid kasutada ranna teenindust ja päästeteenust.

Ilm: In Roosta it is a little bit more chilly than at other spots because the spot is located northern and at the Gulf of Suez where the water is colder because of the Suez canal. You will need a long wetsuit and warm clothes from November until March. At daytime the temperatures will not be more than 17 degrees and in the night sometimes below 10 degrees. Starting from March you can take your summer clothes, a shorty is still recommendable and for the evenings and excursions some long clothes.

Peamised tuuled: N, NE, NW

Parim tuulesuund: N, NW

Parim hooaeg:

Vee kvaliteet:

Lained: segalaine (chop)

Päevased tegevused: paddling, swimming, visit the monasteries or Porto Sokhna or just relaxing at the chill out of the center

Ööelu: there is not and you don't need, cause of too much kitesurfing during the day ;-)