Lohesurfi lainelaud "Wainman Hawaii Passport"

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Passport - a dedicated strapless board for any experience level in all conditions. Welcome to the world of (kite)surfing.

Created from a surfer's point of view, Passport has been designed to ride strapless. The lower rocker line than in the Gambler makes it plane faster and therefore suitable for a smaller kite when kite surfed. Its moderate speed and amazing stability, assist in making strapless riding easier. Usually ridden 4-5 inches shorter than your normal short board (and ¾-1 inch wider), this dedicated quad fin surfboard is very light and can be surfed without a kite when waves are firing and the wind is not cooperating.

Use Passport everywhere you want and wherever you go. This is a perfect choice for the world travelers, combining features of pure surfing and kite surfing in one universal design.
Length Width Thickness Weight (+/-5%)
5'8" 173cm (68") 50,5cm (19,9") 6,0cm (2,37") 3,13kg
5'11" 180cm (71") 52,1cm (20,5") 6,3cm (2,5") 3,38kg

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Price: €895.00