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Divisible Board says NO to to extra baggage expenses and bulky suitcases!

Advance Kites Divisible Board is a special Kappa board that can fit in a normal suitcase, with your kite, you bar and your harness.

Its particular construction system allows the board to keep the same flex on the tips while stiffening only the central part of the table, and that can only be an improvement

It requires a very little time to assemble and disassemble, and you'll only need a common screwdriver!

Broaden you spaces! Bring always with you your board, wherever you'll go... who knows?

Having this in your suitcase might not make you lose the most beautiful session of your life.

This board is based on an Advance Kites Kappa, which is the fruit of years of experience gained with Advance Kites boards, the performances of which have become legendary, making this board the object of desire of every kiter.

Anything, from the choice of materials to the shape of the board, has been optimized, and the board has further improved the Pop and its dynamic response to jumps and in the landings.

The pads, a real avant-garde, ensure maximum sensitivity and comfort even in the roughest waves and in landings after breathtaking jumps.

All Divisible Kappa boards are made entirely of high quality laminated wood.

The square tip maintains a constant width for higher performance in thrusts and in jumps landing phases.

Thanks to special channels, the square tip performs in response to the loads before the jump, and the result is a huge and explosive Pop

Colors Available:

- Black Top, White Bottom

Sizes Available:
131 x 42 cm

List price: €780.00


Price: €780.00