Lohesurfi lohe "Peter Lynn Lynx"

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The Lynx is a medium aspect ratio, open cell depower foil with a 5th line safety that makes back country exploring easy, due to its user friendliness and versatility. The kite has a very predictable and smooth power delivery and it offers great turning speed to allow for quick redirects or to get going even in lighter winds. Its superb stability and controllable power build-up make the Lynx a great kite for those starting out while its acceleration and snappy controls allow for the confidence to make quick progression. And its performance in higher winds will put a smile on the face of even the most experienced riders.


The Lynx is available in the following sizes:

5m², 7m², 9m² & 11m²

colour combination available per size:

Lynx 5m2 – Red/aqua
Lynx 7m2 – Lime/aqua
Lynx 9m2 – Orange/aqua
Lynx 11m2 – Blue/aqua

The Lynx is available as ‘kite only’ or complete, containing:

Lynx depower kite
Lynx backpack
Peter Lynn 5th line depower kite manual
Magnet control bar (complete version only)
350/350daN Dyneema® flying lines (complete version only)
Safety leash (complete version only)

List price: €650.00


Price: €650.00