Self launching

WARNING: Self launching a kite is an advanced skill, and is best learned under instruction



WARNING: Jumping can be dangerous. Only jump when you have a clear safety zone 50m downwind and 30m upwind. Never jump in shallow water.

Once you learn your basic skills, you can try your first small jump. You may need to "unlearn" some of the reflexes you have developed while learning the basics. For example, you will be automatically sheeting the bar out to counter excess power in the kite. To jump, you need to sheet in to generate the power to get you airborne.

Your first jump - 1 to 3 meters

Unhooked riding

Caution: Riding unhooked is an advanced skill for experienced kiters.

Riding unhooked unleashes the real power of the kite - and removes your depower, which can be scary. The technique is used for both wave riding and jumping tricks.

Learning to handle the kite unhooked, on the beach: