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Hydrofoil Kiteboarding

What is Foiling?

A boat whose hull is fitted underneath with shaped vanes (foils) that lift the hull clear of the water to increase the boat's speed.

Invented in 1898 by Enrico Forlanini, the hydrofoil has been used in a wide variety of applications. They have been used on military ships, transport vessels, and even helped team Oracle win the America’s Cup. Soon you will see them coming to a kitebeach near you on what is widely known as a foilboard.

Eight Reasons You Should Try a Strapless Surfboard

Have you got to the stage where you’re a competent kiter but not really pushing yourself to do more like you feel you should? Maybe you already love playing in waves on your twin tip but are yet to experience the smooth exhilaration of a surfboard. There’s so many good reasons you should try a strapless surfboard and many ‘wave riders’ would say they never look back.

Here’s eight good reasons why you should give a surfboard a go, or even take your straps off your surfboard and try it riding strapless!

1. Sensation

Choosing the perfect board

This issue I wanted to cover a few things about board design and types with so many different shapes materials and styles of boards available this information should help you find the perfect board.

Firstly there is really no such thing as the perfect board it all depends on any number of factors like your weight, skill level, kite size, wind conditions, the moves you want to do and the terrain you want to ride weather it be flat water waves swell, chop or kickers.