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7 Reasons Why Kiteboarding Will Train You To Be a Kick-Ass Entrepreneur

Typical kiteboarders are entrepreneurial, adventure minded, successful, and focused, but they’re also open minded, playful, and fun-spirited. Most notably, kiteboarding attracts people who are willing to take a risk, in exotic conditions, in order for a potential huge reward. It’s no wonder why kiteboarding is one of Richard Branson’s favourite hobbies.

1. Fundamentals are key.

How to Hit Your First Rail

So you want to line up and hit a rail? It can be super daunting at first, but as soon as you’re locked into a rail you’ll love it! Before you can hit a rail, you’ve got to check on a few things.

First, set the rail in the water pointing somewhere around 45° off the wind. Make sure your gear is working right and check that your kite flies nicely unhooked without being overpowered or wanting to stall.

Take the fins off your board so they don’t catch and it’s going to feel a whole lot better if you’re laced into some bindings for control, commitment, and support.


Boot riding has seemed to gain traction again in kiteboarding and a lot of people are asking if boots are right for them. The most optimal conditions for boot riding are steady mellow wind and butter flat water.

If you find yourself wanting to hit a lot of features (sliders and kickers) or are looking to ride with a bit more power and do a lot of unhooked tricks, boots may be for you. It’s best to start with a more flexible binding that is easy to get in and out of. If you find yourself looking for more from your binding you can try a stiffer boot or closed toe bindings.