7 Reasons Why Kiteboarding Will Train You To Be a Kick-Ass Entrepreneur

Typical kiteboarders are entrepreneurial, adventure minded, successful, and focused, but they’re also open minded, playful, and fun-spirited. Most notably, kiteboarding attracts people who are willing to take a risk, in exotic conditions, in order for a potential huge reward. It’s no wonder why kiteboarding is one of Richard Branson’s favourite hobbies.

1. Fundamentals are key.

There’s a big learning curve with kiteboarding. Jumping in without proper training, and you’re sure to wash up on the beach. Fundamentals are key. You must check your safety gear, your riding equipment, and the water conditions before each ride. Similarly, entrepreneurs must assess market conditions, business plans, and human resource aspects before diving in. Do the fundamentals.

2. Perfect conditions are rare, don’t procrastinate.

If you’re looking for perfect conditions to start, you’ll be waiting a long time. Sometimes the wind is off, the water is choppy, or an array of other things aren’t as perfect as you were hoping. The important thing is meeting about 80% of your criteria, then taking action. Just like in business, the market could be off timing, cost of goods could be high, or markets could be over saturated. Research the market and jump in.

3. Starting is the hardest part.

With all the complex equipment, kiteboarding can be overwhelming. Practice and perseverance are critical to getting over the resistance of starting. Just like in starting a new business, there’s so many moving parts, from product development, lead generation, fulfillment, customer service, financials, etc. Just get started one step at a time and eventually you’ll be riding with joy.

4. Create leverage.

For most new kiteboarders the kite is the scariest part. However, learn how the kite works, and you can leverage it to create unbelievable leverage. Point the kite in one direction, and it will create a surge of energy. Same thing with business. Look at the points in your business where you can put in minimal effort and get maximized return. Delegate for ultimate leverage.

5. Commitment gets you the big air.

You won’t see kiteboarders mindlessly riding around. The opposite, they are poised, focused, and committing to every move. Once they see a wave, they commit fully and the results follow soon after. They leap into the air…twisting, flipping, riding rails, or whatever reward they want to savour. Commit and the results will follow.

6. Don’t blame circumstances, adapt to them.

In kiteboarding the wind is fickle. The wind direction and speed change at a moments notice. Kiteboarder’s who don’t adapt will be tossed around like a wet noodle. Kiteboarders must anticipate great things, but if conditions change they must readjust their plans to deal with it. Just like in business, you must adapt to customers feedback, new competitors, employee issues, or any other number of factors. When changes occur, adapt quickly.

7. Tools don’t cut it, implementation does.

You could have the best kite, coolest board, newest harness, or any other piece equipment, but if you don’t know how to use them, it’s pointless. In business, you can have the best computer, software, mastermind, etc, but without implementation you’ll never get the results you’re seeking. Implementation, implementation, implementation.

Go out there and apply the things you know you should act on. Forget about the ‘perfect’ day/time, just take action and adjust as you go. You can always get new equipment and have better conditions. Just getting going!