Category 1

Level 1 Beginner

Eesti Lohesurfiklubi / Kitesurf Estonia

First 5-6 hrs: This course is designed for the beginner and is the first step toward learning how to kiteboard


Level 2 Intermediate

Second 5-6 hrs: Water Starting: Harness the Power of the Kite as You Fly!

Its time to get wet and feel the power of the wind gliding you over water. This Intermediate Level course is designed to transfer the skills you practiced on land to the water.


Level 3 Independent

Eesti Lohesurfiklubi / Kitesurf Estonia

EKO Level 3: Realizing Your Dreams of Kiteboarding Independently

After Level 1 + 2 you are considered an independent rider and you have 3 different alternatives:

a) To go out and practice alone/rent out equipment

b) Go out with the supervision of one of our IKO instructors

c) To continue lessons throughout LEVEL 3