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Right of way rules

Right of way rules determine who has the "right of way" and who should "yield, or get out of the way" when passing.

Wind Window

Understanding the Wind Window is critical for managing the power of the kite and your direction of travel. This is basic theory that your kitesurfing lessons will cover. 
The Wind Window is defined relative to the rider.  The Wind Window is the three dimensional region of sky downwind of the rider in which the kite can be flown.

Wind directions

CAUTION: Do not kite in offshore or cross-offshore winds unless you are experienced and have a boat backup.
Assess the wind direction carefully.  Cross-onshore or cross-shore are best for kitesurfing.


Your kite is your engine.  Research kite characteristics that will suit your style of riding and skill level and make your selection carefully.  Don't buy a second hand kite that you know little or nothing about then attempt to use it.  Some stores will push particular kite brands so it is worth shopping around to seek different opinion and kite options.


Kitesurfing first started using directional boards. Later, bi-directional twin tip boards were developed and became the predominant board type.  The good news is, you can have one or more of each.  Both have their advantages in different conditions.
Board types:
* Twin-tip: the most common board. Used for free-ride, wake-style, cruising.

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