jaanuar 2017

Lohesurfi õpetus - Kiteloops (hooked-in)

Kiteloops are an advanced trick. They are exhilarating but also dangerous. Some kitesurfers avoid them completely due to the risks involved. Take your time if you want to learn how to do them.


Lohesurfi õpetus - Lahtihaagitult sõitmine

ETTEVAATUST: Lahtihaagitult sõitmine on edasijõudnute oskus mõeldud kogenud lohetajatele.

Lahti haagitult sõitmine vallandab lohe tegeliku jõu - ja eemaldab võimaluse lohe jõudu vähendada, mis võib olla hirmutav. Tehnikat kasutatakse nii lainelsõidu kui ka hüppamise jaoks.

Kuidas õppida rannas lohe lahti haagitult käsitlema:

Lohesurfi õpetus - Surface Pass

A surface pass is when the rider passes the handle from hand to hand behind his or her back, on the suface of the water. You can pretty much end any trick by doing a suface pass after landing heelside, toeside, blind or wrapped.

Lohesurfi õpetus - Raley

The Raley (sometimes spelt Railey) could be described as a gateway trick. In much the same way as smoking weed is considered the first step towards a life of hard drugs. The Raley kitesurfing trick is generally considered the initial tentative move towards a life of hard, unhooked riding that your knees will never forgive you for. Read on to find out how to do the Raley.

Lohesurfi õpetus - S-Bend

S bend is a railey where the rider does a BS 360 with handle above their head. Allow kite to pull you and stretch out to railey first.