While kitesurfing is basically a safe sport if you get appropriate training and exercise caution, it can be fast and furious and injuries are possible. For any serious injury, seek medical treatment immediate.

All these injuries are avoidable if you follow safety guidelines and kite within your ability.

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Kitesurfing Terminology


Airfoil (aerofoil): a wing, kite, or sail used to generate lift or propulsion.

Airtime: the amount of time spent in the air while jumping.

AOA, Angle of Attack: also known as the angle of incidence (AOI) is the angle with which the kite flies in relation to the wind. Increasing AOA generally gives more lift.

AOI, Angle of Incidence: angle which the kite takes compared to the wind direction

Sõda lohesurfis: lühendite lahing

KPWT, PKRA, IKA, IKF, VKWC, PKT, WKT, IFKO and more recently, GKA, and KRU. Kiteboarding is at war with itself. In the past ten years, kiteboarders and kite fans have met an endless number of acronyms.
Because kiteboarding got under the umbrella of sailing, it never quite got its independent voice. Now, the sport of kiteboarding has hit rock bottom. You can't tell who supports who, and World Sailing doesn't seem to be worried about the future of the sport.