The Top Ten Myths About Kitesurfing

Kitesurfing has only been a mainstream sport for a little over 10 years now which means there a lot of common misconceptions regarding how it works, what you need, how much it costs, and how safe it is. When most people think about kitesurfing, which is also known as kiteboarding, they think that it's the same thing as windsurfing or wakeboarding. In reality, the sport is completely different from anything else out there. Though it is a board sport, it's basically 75% kite flying and 25% board riding. This article dispels the most common myths about kitesurfing.

Learning to Kiteboard - Are Kiteboarding Lessons Really Necessary?

Kiteboarding or kitesurfing is the latest water sport sweeping the globe in the new millennium. If you have seen someone kiteboarding you know that not only does this sport look amazing but it is fun to watch. Many kiteboarders became enthralled and obsessed with learning this sport after seeing it for the first time. "..but it looks so easy" is a common statement I hear from students who thought they would be riding in the three hour lesson. The truth is kiteboarding is really not that hard. It is multitasking of wakeboarding and flying a kite.

Kiteboard Leash - Why Not to Use One

A kiteboard leash is a any tether which connects a kiteboarder or kitesurfer to his or her kiteboard, not to be confused with a kite leash which is an essential piece of kiteboarding safety equipment. The idea behind the kiteboard leash to help the kiteboarder not loose the board when the two become separated. The problem lies in the safety of this devise, and what can happen when things go wrong.