Kitesurfing tips


How to build kickers, boxes, and rails

More and more people are wearing boots and riding park in kiteboarding. But there aren’t a lot of kiteboarding terrain parks in the world. In North America, unless you live or visit Hood River, Cape Hatteras, the Florida Keys, or Squamish, you probably haven’t had the chance to hit any features. If you don’t live in one of these places you should consider building your own features.

Sliders: The Slippery Slide of Things2

Not too long ago we put together a portable slider at our local kitesurfing spot and hey did it cause a buzz. For some reason, be it a childhood fantasy or an adult madness, there seems to be this deep hidden craziness in many of us to want to slide up, down or on things and the evidence is in seeing it like we did. Once you have understood the idea and found your feet, you will catch yourself dreaming about it then contemplating your next move and attack. It is addictive and it’s exciting.