Traveling to exotic windy locations is a great option for kitesurfing, particularly during the low-wind season where you live.

Packing gear

Watch out for excess luggage. Fuel prices are rising so many airlines now seek to get extra money by charging you high rates for excess luggage. If you are not careful, excess luggage charges can be higher than the cost of a domestic flight.

Some strategies for avoiding excess baggage:

* Post some of your gear ahead to your destination allowing time for it to arrive.
* Minimise what you take
* You could purchase some new equipment on arrival if it is available at your destination
* Take minimum clothing and footwear, which may be easier to purchase at your destination
* Use a kite bag or board bag without wheels to save weight
* Fit all your kiting gear in a single item of hold luggage such as a double or triple board bag
* Take only one board
* Take a single kite back pack for lugging the kite on location. You can carry a second kite wrapped in your harness once at your location
* If you have two kites compatible with a single bar you could take only one bar.

Packing a double board bag or a kite bag

* Place a kite folded flat into the bag; this will provide some protection to the board
* Remove the fins and put them an the screws in a secure bag
* Remove foot straps from your board and place them on the kite
* If you are taking additional kites place them folded flat on top of the board
* You can fully deflate your kites air bladders using your pump
* Secure the kites and your board using straps inside the board bag (if available). This will compact and hold them in place.
* Put your bars under the straps so they are held securely where they will not damage your board.. Bars weight around 1.5kg so some people prefer to put them in their carry on luggage
* Place your wetsuit around the tail of the board to protect.
* Place clothing and/or a towel around the tip of the board to protect it
* Start doing the zips up, making sure you don’t snack any fabric on your kites
* Squeeze additional clothing and equipment such as booties, board shorts, foam sandles, rash vest

Make sure you pack screwdrivers and allen keys in your hold luggage - they are likely to be confiscated if you attempt to carry them onto the plane.

Carry on luggage

* Harness hook and pad
* Helmet
* Camera equipment
* Computer
* Toiletries
* Sun cream and insect repellent

You could consider leaving your pump if you are going to a popular kitesurfing location you can borrow or buy one. They are bulky and awkward to pack.