Lohesurfi lohe "Peter Lynn Phantom"

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Take charge, go everywhere

The Charger has proven to be more stable, durable, adaptable and more capable of serving you excellent kiting performance. For this new iteration of the ultimate 'do it all' kite we have taken all the best aspects of the original and combined it with the valuable user feedback we received since the original Charger's release, resulting in a kite which has the performance we intended but with the user-friendly aspects today's market demands.

Saadaolevad suurused: 6.5m²; 8m²; 10m²; 12m²; 15m²; 18m²; 22.5m²

Komplekti kuuluvad

  • Charger kite with packing strap
  • Charger Expandable backpack
  • Charger Aluminum Compact sticks
  • Peter Lynn Sand & Snow bag
  • Peter Lynn Twinskin Instruction manual
  • Navigator TS (complete version only)
  • 350/350daN Dyneema® flying lines (complete version only)
  • Safety leash (complete version only)


  • Must – hall– oranž
  • Sügav sinine – oranž – mere sinine
  • Metsa roheline – kollane – punane
List price: €990.00


Price: €990.00