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How To Overcome The Fear Of Kitesurfing

As kite boarding becomes a more common sight, more and more people wonder whether they would be up to try it. It looks unreal, more so with people leaping 10-20 feet over the surface of water with "out of this world" stunts. You have been hearing about this amazing new sport from friends, colleagues and television. You have seen kiters and have been amazed with the fun that they seem to be having. You have been given a kiteboarding voucher as a gift. You want to try something new, something exciting and out of the box. You are all ready to go book that kiteboarding lesson.


Traveling to exotic windy locations is a great option for kitesurfing, particularly during the low-wind season where you live.

Packing gear

Watch out for excess luggage. Fuel prices are rising so many airlines now seek to get extra money by charging you high rates for excess luggage. If you are not careful, excess luggage charges can be higher than the cost of a domestic flight.

Some strategies for avoiding excess baggage:


While kitesurfing is basically a safe sport if you get appropriate training and exercise caution, it can be fast and furious and injuries are possible. For any serious injury, seek medical treatment immediate.

All these injuries are avoidable if you follow safety guidelines and kite within your ability.

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