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Kiteloops are an advanced trick. They are exhilarating but also dangerous. Some kitesurfers avoid them completely due to the risks involved. Take your time if you want to learn how to do them.

The basic maneuver is to jump then loop the kite while you are in the air and land downwind.

It is best to build up to your first kiteloop in stages:

Back rolls

Back rolls are an intermediate trick that can lead to disorientation and crashes. You should be staying upwind, be able to jump and ride toeside before attempting this trick/skill.

As your skills improve its great to learn some tricks. The Back roll is fairly easy to learn and great fun to do! The kite keeps flying in the direction you are going while your body does a shallow loop in the air.


Self launching

WARNING: Self launching a kite is an advanced skill, and is best learned under instruction