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Kitesurfing Boards - What is Flex and What Effect Does it Have on Your Riding?

People often talk about whether kitesurfing boards have too much flex or too little. But what is too much or too little flex, how do you know and what effect will it have on your riding?

8 Simple Tips to Safe Kiteboarding: Learn How to Prevent Accidents to You and Others

We can never forget the safety on the beach and in the water. We should understand that other beachgoers cannot understand the dynamics of a kite, so we can’t ask them to watch out for us while we are performing some trick: they have no idea where we or our kite might end up. If you think about it, it’s not worth to ruin a good kite session for an accident that could be easily avoided by applying just some basic rules to protect the others and ourselves.

Here are my TIPS, but feel free to add your ideas and comments:

Setting up your kite

It is only imperative that you know this basic step for this is one of the first things you should do when you arrive at the beach, ready for a day of Kite Surfing.

Inflating the kite