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How to kitesurf

You have been bitten by the KiteSurfing bug, you can't wait to hit the first current to propel your body screaming 40-feet into the air and crashing into the water. With each gusts of wind your elevated high off the surface and breaking each wave as you land. The thrill associated with the sport of KiteSurfing has many able-bodied thrill seekers flocking to the beaches across the world to set sail and fly across the top of the ocean.

The World's Top 10 Kiteboarding Spots

It takes more than wind to find an ideal kiteboarding spot. Granted, that’s a big part of it, but there are other factors to consider, like how flat, choppy, or wavy the water is, the weather (other than the wind conditions, of course), and location’s overall vibe. Sure, if you have your own kite, board, and harness, you can go kiteboarding at a place close and convenient to you — may it be a lake or your local beach — but when you’re looking for a destination to go to get your fill of this increasingly popular water sport, here are ten picks from around the globe.

Kitesurfing Boards - What is a Boards Rocker Line and What Difference Does it Make?

If you hold any kitesurfing boards horizontally in front of you (side profile view) the rocker is the line of curve you will see running from tip to tip of the board.

Rocker is included in kitesurfing boards to assist with:

* turning
* a smoother ride