Safety signs & signals

When communicating on-water or over a distance, wind and wave noise will drown out almost all verbal communication. So it is necessary for kiteboarders to use visual communications to signify their intent, and especially useful is using hand signals. There are a specific set of hand signals that are in wide use, and are widely understood. To be a responsible kiter, you should learn the kiteboarding hand Signals listed below. Understanding these basic hand signals will improve the level of safety for you and others. These hand signals are based on the standard signals used internationally by IKO certified kiteboarding instructors.

Good communication is essential when launching and landing kites. Also between a kiter on the water and their on shore support crew. Sometimes it will be necessary to communicate with other kiters, and communication is especially important between instructor and student. If you do not know these hand signals, chances are that you have never done a lesson with a professional instructor. It is always recommended to take lessons from professional certified instructors.