7 parimat kohta lohesurfiks Lõuna-Ameerikas

Otsid rikkumata randasid ja siledat vett, et minna aastaringselt lohega sõitma? Vaata Lõuna Ameerika õndsatele rannikutele. Ükskõik kas oled algaja või professionaal, päev mis on veedetud päikese käes avatud ookeanil surfamas Brasiiliast Argentiinani on vajalik kogemus. Seikluseotsijad ja veespordi armastajad, järgnevalt toome ära parimad kohad lohesurfiks, mis Lõuna-Ameerikal pakkuda on.

Parimad kohad Lõuna-Ameerikas lohesurfamiseks

1. Máncora, Peruu

The Peruvian north shore is home to some of the best wave conditions on the continent. The recent winner of the 2016 World Travel Award for South America’s Leading Beach Destination, Máncora, Peru is also a hot spot for new and experienced kitesurfers. There you can cruise along the coast with consistent winds from May to December. Beginners can learn to kitesurf and book other adventure activities with WildK kitesurf club.

Máncora, traditionally a fishing village, boasts the steadily dry and warm Peruvian climate year-round. It’s among a string of beautiful beaches only a couple hours from the Ecuadorian border, making it a good home base to visit surrounding destinations as well. Countless activity options include surfing, horseback ride along the beach, and even spearfishing. The peak season for whale watching is August through October. Be sure to celebrate being in the birthplace of ceviche by indulging in the incredible fresh seafood cuisine.

2. Bahía Inglesa, Chile

This small village beach (only 135 locals) offers some of the most picturesque ocean scenery on our list. It takes an extra quick flight from Santiago to Copiapó to get there, but it’s totally worth it. The glassy water, in teal and royal blue hues, meets white sand beaches. It’s idyllic for boarding and simply sunbathing, drink in hand. Visit between July and October for prime wind conditions. Don’t skimp on savoring the gastro scene. Enjoy the famous local oysters and albacore oceanside, or at nearby Caldera, which has a wider range of restaurants.

3. Jericoacoara Beach, Brazil

Coastal Brazil is the place to be for kitesurfers of all skill level, and you can expect warm waters year-round. Cumbuco remains one of the most popular kitesurfing beaches, but Jericoacoara is famous in it’s own right for crystal blue lagoons, calm waters, and massive sand dunes. July through February gets the most sunshine and wind.

An easy bus ride from the Fortaleza airport will take you straight to this remote laid-back beach town. Watch the sunset from the dunes and soak up the solitude and vibrant landscape. Don’t miss the dazzling ponds and stretches of white sand in Lençóis Maranhenses National Park. Should you have the time to stop by, Jericoacoara is near Prea, another spot with great side-winds for kiteboarding.

4. Barra de Tijuca, Brazil

Barra is the longest beach in Rio de Janeiro, stretching from Morro da Joa to Recreio dos Bandeirantes. The beach suburb is easy to get to from the city center, and there you can explore the tropical waters and pristine golden sand beaches. Kitesurfing is best at the Praia de Pepe section. Though the windy season goes from August to March, kitesurfing is possible really at any time of year.

Barra is also know to have the best surfing in Rio, but is still a more untouched and less crowded than the rest of the city’s beaches. But if you’re up for it, you can enjoy Rio’s night life with plenty of seafood, fresh caprinas, and samba dancing on the main strip and beach.

5. Santa Veronica, Colombia

As tourism continues to rise in Colombia, beach towns like Santa Veronica are enjoyed in increasing numbers. This small town perches on a cliff where strong winds blow across a large bay. Close enough to get to from Cartegena, Santa Veronica is ranked as one of the best places on earth for waves. Freeriding zones will appeal to more experienced riders, while the flat glassy areas are perfect for beginners to learn with a clubs like Santa Veronica Kite. Palm trees and pelicans line the shores, and small local restaurants offer ocean-facing venues so you can get the most out of the natural beauty and excellent weather.

6. Pinamar, Argentina

Located just a few hours from Buenos Aires, Pinamar has become one of Argentina’s premier spots for kitesurfers of all skill levels. January and February can get crowed, but conditions are ideal between September all the way to March for dependable side-shore winds.

Pinamar boasts the ultimate in beach fun. Visitors can jet ski, motorboat, or enjoy the wide beaches with volleyball courts. Adventure activities continue outside of the city with four-wheeling and horseback riding. For a more easy-going fun, enjoy the countryside with a trip to a local estancia (ranch) or winery.

7. Santa Marianita, Ecuador

Kitesurfers thrive on the west coast of Ecuador at Santa Marianita beach. May to January gets smooth seas, pleasant water temperatures, and strong winds. Decent waves come in from the Pacific, making Santa Marianita one of the prime locations for water sports of all kinds, including bodyboarding, surfing, and fishing.