Lohesurfi õpetus - Front Roll

The front roll is a relatively easy trick to learn. Here are a few simple steps to learning a front roll in which you do not need to send the kite.

First build up your board speed by shooting downwind or pumping your kite.

Frontroll step 2: Pop off the water The pop off the water is the most critical part of this trick. As you reach your maximum speed push hard into the board forcing it slightly in to the water. The board will instantly push back at you. As the board comes back at you suck your front knee upward. The key point of this trick is to bring the flip "up" before you bring it forward.

Frontroll step 3: Initiate the forward roll Once you popped off the water and have brought the board up it is time to take it forward. If done correctly your pop is going to naturally want to throw you backwards. This is where you need to aggressively throw your body forward by pushing your forward ear to your forward shoulder. This will initiate the forward roll.

Frontroll steps 4-6: Tuck and roll

To spin quickly, keep your body tucked into a small ball. If you find yourself over rotating, open your body up to stall out the rotation.

Frontroll step 7: Spot your landing

As soon as you get through the rotation spot your landing and prepare to land by softening your knees.

Frontroll step 8: Land and regain speed

As you land, point your board downwind to regain speed and continue to steer the kite to ride away. Once you have the base trick down throw in a tail grab and bone it out for extra style.