Lohesurfi õpetus - Kiteloops (hooked-in)

Kiteloops are an advanced trick. They are exhilarating but also dangerous. Some kitesurfers avoid them completely due to the risks involved. Take your time if you want to learn how to do them.


1. Speed. Start by riding hooked in with plenty of power.
2. Hands. Prepare your hands on the bar by placing your back hand at the end of the bar for better leverage.
3. Jump. Do a normal jump by sending your kite and popping your board off the water. Don’t send your kite too fast or too far in the opposite direction, otherwise the kite will end up to close to the edge of the window and the kite will not have enough speed to finish its loop.
4. Initiate the loop. On your way up, before you reach the top of the jump, pull as hard and as fast as you can with your back hand while also pushing forward with your front hand.
5. Keep power on. Hold the bar sheeted in at full power. It’s important you initiate the loop while the kite is still on its way up so it will have enough speed to get through the loop. The loop will generate enough power to lift you up few feet or more.
6. Sheet out as soon as your kite finishes the complete loop, sheet out the bar a little to let the kite climb faster to overhead to allow for a smoother landing.
7. Board. Point your board downwind in preparation for landing
9. Land going a little downwind to control your speed generated by the loop.

Wear an impact vest while learning and performing kiteloops to provide you with some protection from injury.

Watch out for gusty conditions - your kite may suddenly lose power when you don't want it to.

Commit. Once you "pull the trigger" to start the kiteloop follow through and finish it. If you stop half way and try to bail you will hit the water hard and fast.