July 2011

Kas igaüks võib lohesurfiga tegelema hakata?

Yes, if you are reasonably fit and you are keen enough to persist and learn. Like skiing, technique is a lot more important that brute strength.

Kas lohesurfi on raske ära õppida?

No. Around 5 lessons should get you going with basic skills and another 5 to 10 sessions should see you going upwind. It can be difficult to schedule lessons though if the wind doesn't oblige. Flying a trainer kite will accelerate you learning. Go for it!

Miks just lohesurf?

You experience the freedom of surfing without having to paddle out or wait for waves. You can fly like a glider without a hard landing. You get the speed of wakeboarding without needing a boat. You can travel long distances powered only by the wind. You can experience the thrill of carving and turning a board without travelling to the snow or risking gravel rash.

Kui palju varustuse ostmine maksab?

You can buy a complete set of secondhand gear (board, kite + bar, harness), depending on condition, anywhere from A$600 to A$2000. Price ranges for new gear are: Kite: A$900 to A$2000, Board: A$750 to A$1300, Harness: A$120 to A$250. Please note that if you are buying a second hand kite, make sure that the kite you are buying is less than 4 years old. Every year there are improvements in the safety of kites - by buying a relatively recent kite you will keep yourself safe.

Kui kaua varustus vastu peab?

Your gear should last at least 3 to 5 years, barring major accidents such as kite tears. A lot of kite tears can be repaired however. You can patch small holes and tears yourself.