January 2014

Company name 8

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Company name 1

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Testimonial #5

Ma valisin need poisid sest nende kodulehekülg on kõige lahedam ja kõige lihtsam navigeerida ja neil on kõige selgem viis kuidas nad esitlevad enda pakutavat teenust väga konkurentsivõimelise hinnaga. Väga usaldusväärsed inimesed. Veelkord, palju õnne teie ettevõtmisega, te kutid olete esmaklassilised! Mul on ainult kahju sellest, et ma oma kaamerat kaasa ei võtnud.

Testimonial #4

Learning surfing with Andy was a fantastic experience. It was a lot of fun, I learned a lot and I always felt safe in the water. After a few days with Andy's instructions I was able to go out in the ocean to catch some real wind and waves on my own! 
If you want to learn surfing you should really do it with these guys!

Testimonial #3

Nick and his team are awesome! They set me up with lessons upon my arrival to LA with less than a day’s notice. They were friendly and knowledgeable about where and when was best to go. As I progressed, they let me try various sized boards and made recommendations, which proved to be very helpful. Also, their instructor to student ratio made it feel like a personal lesson even though we were a large group.
If you havekids, definitely take lessons from this school. I observed them with kids in my class and they were awesome, very encouraging and attentive.

Testimonial #2

I arranged a group lesson for two adults and two little kids when my sister and nephews were in town and these guys did a phenomenal job. We ended up with three rotating instructors (Nick, Abe, and Thorn) and they were all excellent and able to work with our different skill levels. They were particularly great and patient with the boys, 8 and 5, who were understandably nervous but ended up hooked by the end of the session. The lesson was super fun and was a highlight of everyone’s trip. I would highly recommend this school and crew.

Testimonial #1

I have never done Stand Up Paddle and when I realized I booked it on a morning that the wind decided to kick up and the rip currents came in early, I was concerned that this would be a huge waste of money and no fun!! My experience could not have been any better! First of all, the instructor Connor was so very comforting, friendly and non-judgmental.