Waist or Seat Harness – What to Choose?

A kitesurfing harness tends to be one of the least thought about bits of equipment when coming to purchase your first kite. However the harness is a key piece of equipment in your setup and a correct fitting one can provide support and reduce muscle fatigue, allowing for a longer and safer kiting session.

Buying the Right Wetsuit for Kiteboarding

Things to consider when looking for the right wetsuit for you

1. Where do you ride? What is your season high and low temperatures for both water and air? How long into the season will you realistically ride? How much temperature change do you experience throughout your riding season?

2. Are you warm blooded, cool or cold blooded? I am still wearing booties, hood and gloves when lots of riders are in just their wetsuit. How important is warmth to you personally?

10 Reasons Why Every Girl Should Learn to Kiteboard

Transform your body, eat anything you want, get zen, live the beach lifestyle, make all men fall in love with you, and 5 more reasons why you should learn to kiteboard.

1. Transform your body
Kiteboarding is the best and most fun full body workout ever. Without even noticing that you’re working out, kiteboarding will make you look freaking hot. You’ll have the six pack and rock hard butt you’ve always wanted in no time.